TED Blog: A radical approach to saving fisheries

TED Blog: A radical approach to saving fisheries

Blue Ventures’ founder and executive director, Dr Alasdair Harris, is featured on the TED blog ‘Octopus’s garden: A TED Fellow with a radical approach to saving fisheries’.

Screenshot 2015-02-22 12.43.20“We focus on ways to help communities manage coastal fisheries to generate real benefits in time frames that work for people. The time frame issue is critical, because an East African fishing village struggling with severe poverty and collapsing fisheries can’t always bear any interruption to fishing. If I’m struggling to find fish to feed my family from one day to the next, a five-year wait for recovery is not something I can afford to consider. Yet this short-term sacrifice is exactly what’s required for fish stocks to recover in a typical marine reserve.” Read more >

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