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Rebuilding fisheries and restoring ocean life is much bigger than one organisation alone.

We are proud to be part of a growing global movement to build resilient oceans and uplift small-scale fishers. It’s a movement with fishers at its centre, that gives them a collective voice and influence to defend and promote their rights, mobilise wider civil society and inspire dialogue with governments on policy reform.

It’s a movement that’s working to secure tenure and management rights for traditional fishers. It’s a movement rooted in the principles of Free Prior and Informed Consent and in the FAO Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Small-scale Fisheries.

It’s a movement that champions a new vision for marine conservation, one that moves beyond arbitrary protection targets like 30×30, and focuses instead on mainstreaming local stewardship of nearshore waters. It’s a movement that seeks to achieve conservation goals while securing food security and small-scale fishing livelihoods.

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Current campaigns

Our advocacy priorities

This is an exciting new chapter in our story, and we’re still working out the fine print. But over the next five years, we’re committed to five main priorities to defend the rights of traditional fishers and safeguard marine life long into the future. 

We’re advocating for exclusive rights to nearshore seas for small-scale fishers, working to restrict industrial fishing in these sensitive and vital marine ecosystems.  

We’re advocating for an end to destructive industrial fishing, such as bottom trawling in nearshore waters. Large-scale industrial fisheries employ a fraction of the world’s fishers, are reliant on subsidies, fossil-fuel intensive, and discard up to two-thirds of their total catch.

We’re promoting gender equality in fisheries management, raising the voices of girls and women fishers at national and global levels and advocating for more seats at the decision-making table.

We’re advocating to redirect harmful fishing subsidies to support equitable and sustainable small-scale fisheries. Harmful subsidies are a pernicious driver of overfishing, habitat destruction and greenhouse gas emissions, particularly by industrial fleets.

We’re advocating for greater national and international fisheries transparency, based on international standards developed by the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, Global Fishing Watch and EJF.

Through all these actions we will raise the collective voice of fishers and communicate their stories so that they can have a rightful place in shaping policies and advancing climate justice.

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