Blue forests celebrated on World Wildlife Day

Blue forests celebrated on World Wildlife Day

Since 2016, the UK’s International Climate Finance programme, which plays a crucial role in addressing the global challenge of climate change, has been supporting Blue Ventures’ blue forests programme. The blue forests programme aims to reduce deforestation of mangrove habitats, create new sustainable livelihoods, support community health and women’s empowerment and increase climate resilience in coastal communities.

This programme was covered in MercoPress and The Yorkshire Times on World Wildlife Day 2019, including an interview with Blue Ventures founder Dr Alasdair Harris:

“World Wildlife Day is a rallying reminder of the foundational importance of our planet’s biodiversity to all life on Earth. Wildlife underpins all life, and its loss imperils our own future. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the mangrove forests of the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. These so-called blue forests protect shorelines, absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide, and form the foundation of fisheries and marine ecosystems that underpin coastal economies for hundreds of millions of people.”

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