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Rare launches first conservation campaign in Madagascar with Blue Ventures

Rare is the global leader in social marketing for biodiversity conservation, training and supporting leaders from the world's top environmental organizations in over 50 countries in social marketing, a method for changing attitudes and behaviours. Gildas will be running Rare's first campaign in Madagascar beginning in spring 2009, with the aim of building public support ...

Making marine reserves talk

The men were meeting in the modest headquarters of Velondriake, the largest community-managed marine protected area in the western Indian Ocean. Velondriake senior fisherman, Nahoda Noel, stood and gave a wise, dignified welcome befitting of a village elder. Glasses filled with warm beer were raised in toast and soon questions on fishing techniques were being ...

Blue Ventures contributes to the new Google Earth

Google Earth lets users explore high resolution images of the world, with assorted overlays, from place names to geographical data, local weather and Wikipedia articles. This new release adds an exciting ocean dataset, including GPS tracking of sharks, images and videos of endangered marine species, the location of global IUCN marine protected areas and an ...

Coastal communities cash in on lucrative love medicine

Initially produced by a hatchery in the nearby town of Toliara, the sea cucumbers were grown on to commercial size in simple underwater pens in the remote village of Ambolimoke before being processed and exported to supply the bêche-de-mer market in Asia. Sea cucumbers, also known as sandfish, belong to the holothurian family of echinoderms, ...

Successful Bid to Change Lives in Madagascar

What do Tim Loughton MP, BBC Oceans explorer Paul Rose, a WWII house boat, a packet of condoms, a giant stingray and beauty company Aveda have in common? They all support an innovative family planning programme, run by marine conservation organisation Blue Ventures, which is changing lives in South West Madagascar.A WWII houseboat in Shoreham-by-Sea ...

Blue Ventures honoured at two major industry awards

The Geotourism summit raised awareness of the huge potential to bring about fundamental change to the tourism industry through geotourism - the need for tourism to sustain and enhance the heritage, aesthetics and culture of a destination. Blue Ventures was selected from 516 nominations, from 89 countries. At the Responsible Travel Awards, Blue Ventures was ...

WWF announces 2008 winner of prestigious Getty award named “The Nobel Prize for Conservation.”

Washington DC, October 21, 2008 - World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has announced that Roger Samba has been named the winner of the 2008 J. Paul Getty Award for Conservation Leadership. The annual award honors outstanding contributions to international conservation and carries with it a $200,000 prize. M. Samba receives the Getty award, pictured with his ...

Rapid expansion of locally-managed marine conservation in Madagascar

Working with Madagascar's national marine institute and local NGOs this pioneering programme aims to develop over 50 locally-managed marine reserves during the 5-year project.  The initiative was inspired by the success of Madagascar's first experimental no-take-zone for octopus. This project was developed by the UK-based conservation NGO Blue Ventures working in partnership with the remote ...

First hatching of Green Turtles recorded in southwest Madagascar as a direct result of conservation efforts

In a move unprecedented in southwest Madagascar, residents of the remote village of Lamboara have now voted to protect surrounding beaches, outlawing turtle nest raiding and targeted turtle fishing. The emergence of 92 live hatchlings marks the success of an awareness-raising campaign launched by Blue Ventures two years ago. This aims to find and protect ...

Blue Ventures selected as a Geotourism Finalist

A prestigious panel of judges selected the 14 finalists from 332 entries, from 83 countries. The "Geotourism Challenge: Celebrating Places/Changing Lives" competition is a collaboration of National Geographic's Center for Sustainable Destinations and Ashoka's Changemakers. Blue Ventures' entry -- "Using tourism as a conservation tool to protect people and nature" -- was selected for an ...
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