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Blue Ventures Discusses Conservation and Exploration at Royal Geographical Society’s Explore 2007

 Blue Ventures Medical Advisor Vik Mohan will also speak at the conference about the health challenges faced by today’s explorers.The conference will be held 24-25 November at the Royal Geographical Society in London.“The role of exploration can no longer afford to lie in simply documenting what’s there,” Harris said. “It’s now our responsibility to use ...

Blue Ventures and Coral Cay Respond to Debate over Gap Year and Volunteer Aid Projects

Sir, Your prominent coverage of the views of Jean Brodie, director of VSO UK, puts into relief a critical need for greater transparency and accountability amongst organisations operating within the UK’s largely unregulated gap year and volunteer travel industry.The proliferation of poorly-planned, spurious and increasingly profit-oriented gap-year schemes poses a growing threat to the legitimacy of ...

Blue Ventures Teaches Children About Marine Life and Conservation At London Aquarium

Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and are home to most of the world’s plant and animal species. But scientists say less than 10 percent of all marine species have been recorded.Coral reefs have been called the “rainforests of the sea” because of the vast number of species they harbour. About 4,000 species ...

Blue Ventures Director wins Social Entrepreneur Award

Ed Miliband, Minister for the Cabinet Office, presented the awards at a ceremony at St James’s Palace on the 10th May 2007.Tom was highly acclaimed for his drive and ambition in setting up not only Blue Ventures but also Travelroots, a socially responsible tourism firm, and the website, a database for individuals and companies ...

Andavadoaka Village in Madagascar Wins United Nations Equator Prize for Community Conservation

Andavadoaka, a remote fishing village of just 1,200 people located along Madagascar’s southwest coast, received the award for its work with Blue Ventures, Madagascar’s University of Toliara and WCS-Madagascar to develop community-run marine protected areas across the region. Andavadoaka was chosen from more than 300 nominations from 70 different countries.“Andavadoaka’s incredible accomplishments – and its ...

The Village of Andavadoaka Named Finalists in the United Nations Equator Prize

The remote fishing community of Andavadoaka, population 1,200, was acknowledged for its work in partnership with Blue Ventures and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to develop community-run marine protected areas in the southwest region of the country. Blue Ventures worked with Andavadoaka in 2004 to establish the world’s first community-run octopus no-take zone. The strategy, which ...

New Study Shows Marine Protected Areas Can Increase Productivity of Fishing Industry

The study looked at a community-run marine protected area (MPA) in southwest Madagascar that implemented seasonal fishing closures for octopus, the major economic resource for villagers in the region.  When the closed areas were reopened to fishing after seven months, the study found, the number of octopus caught by villagers increased 13 times while the ...

New James Bond Film Brings Blue Ventures Alum to the Big Screen

Eric Jaona, a Malagasy national and former translator with Blue Ventures, provided background voices to several scenes in the spy thriller.Early in the film, Bond is sent to Madagascar to track down terrorist spies. At one point, he chases the villain through a market where locals yell and cheer as they wager on a fight ...

Blue Ventures Wins “Highly Commended” Honours in the Enterprising Young Brits Awards – Chancellor Gordon Brown leads ceremonies recognizing young entrepreneurs

“This award is not only an honour for Blue Ventures, but more importantly it shows that environmental conservation can make for good business,” Harris said. “I hope this award will encourage more businesses to participate in the conservation of our natural resources and other socially-minded activities.”Harris in 2003 co-founded Blue Ventures, which brings paying volunteers ...

Blue Ventures Honoured by Responsible Tourism Awards for Work with Volunteers in Madagascar

“With the growing debate over tourism and its impact on the environment, the First Choice Responsible Tourism Awards are an important reminder that people can enjoy their holidays in ways that benefit both people and nature,” said Richard Nimmo, managing director of Blue Ventures. “Blue Ventures believes tourism can be a powerful conservation tool, providing ...
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