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From Ataúro to Raja Ampat: a homestay exchange A new short film released in August 2017 explores the successes and lessons learned from a recent knowledge exchange visit that took fishers from Ataúro in Timor-Leste to Raja Ampat, in Indonesia. We’ve been helping set up a new homestay association on Ataúro where our volunteers spend part of their expedition time. The Raja Ampat Homestay ...

TEDxExeter: How listening to communities can help save our oceans

Our Medical Director Dr Vik Mohan recently spoke at TEDxExeter 2017 about Blue Ventures' holistic approach to conservation, which developed through listening to the coastal communities we work with in Madagascar. Women told us how they were desperate for better access to family planning services. Men were keen to use family planning too. Dwindling fisheries could no ...

Blog: What does kung fu have to do with octopus fishing?

The making of “Tovo the octopus gleaner”, a Vezo film featuring intense kung fu action and a mysterious octopus mermaid designed to spread good fisheries practices! Read the full post: What does kung fu have to do with octopus fishing?
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