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Aug – Gap Year Directory

100 ways to fill the gap: from conservation in Belize to care work in India... Click here to see the full article.
Jul – Family Planning in Andavadoaka supported by Blue Ventures

Being an exhausted mother of 10 children by your early thirties is not unusual in rural Madagascar, but a movement is now underway to try and provide women with a contraceptive choice. "I often get women in the clinic who have had eight or more children and are desperate to stop," said nurse Rebecca Hill, ...
Jul – Des objectifs de planification familiale ambitieux

ANDAVADOAKA, 24 juillet 2008 (IRIN) - Etre la m

Challenger – Etre Malgache aujourd’hui

Blue Ventures and the indigenous community of Andavadoaka, the Vezo, have been featured in Madagascar's premier economic journal.

New York Times – Travelling the World to Help Save It

Quote: 'By promoting and helping to organize ecotourism, nonprofits benefit by raising awareness -- and money -- for their causes. The draw for travelers? Gaining access to places that they wouldn't be able to get to otherwise. ..."Tourism can be a powerful conservation tool," said Alasdair Harris, founder and executive director of Blue Ventures, a ...

Africa Geographic – An Octopus’s Garden

Blue Ventures leads octopus conservation efforts in Madagascar.

National Geographic News – Madagascar Reefs May Hold Keys to Rebirth, Despite Bleaching


Responsible Travel Magazine – Responsible Travel Awards

Blue Ventures is featured in Responsible Travel Magazine after being "highly commended" for eco-trips at the 2007 Responsible Travel Awards.

Royal Gazette Bermuda

Blue Ventures' Research Development Manager was interviewed in The Royal Gazette, Bermuda's premiere newspaper.

Our eco-heroes of tomorrow

Student delegates selected by more than 30 public and private schools throughout the Island attended last week's two-day conference entitled The Power of One. Students aged ten and upwards met many of Bermuda's local scientists and environmentalists and took part in workshops designed to give hands-on experience in conservation projects. The keynote speaker was conservationist ...
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