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Huffington Post: Call the midwife!

As civil society groups advocate for progress on maternal and child health at the World Health Assembly this week, recent experiences in Madagascar demonstrate how community mobilisation can bring about positive change.

Scuba Diving Open Planet: Making waves in Madagascar

Midwives and sea cucumber farmers join a grassroots movement to protect the Indian Ocean’s underwater marvels; a holistic approach that is shining a light on the future of conservation. Ocean Watch feature in the Scuba Diving Open Planet magazine. Words by Laura Robson, images by Garth Cripps.

Huffington Post: Three things that we can learn about sustainable development from Madagascar

A different story from Madagascar: how working across sectors and upholding reproductive rights are the key to sustainable development. This article, featured on the Huffington Post, discusses the changing landscape of sustainable development in Madagascar, and how the Population-Health-Environment movement is gaining momentum in a country that is more than the dancing lemurs and political ...

Integrated approach to sustainable development gathers momentum in Madagascar

A landmark meeting held in Antananarivo this week brought together health and conservation organisations, international donors and government ministers to discuss their shared vision for Madagascar’s sustainable development. The meeting called for more widespread adoption of an integrated approach known as ‘Population-Health-Environment’ (PHE), which combines health education and voluntary family planning services with natural resource ...

Environmental prize for integrated conservation and health work in Madagascar

St Andrews, Scotland - An innovative project integrating community-based health services with locally-led marine conservation initiatives has won this year’s St Andrews Prize for the Environment. The prize identifies and rewards entrepreneurs with original and practical ideas for tackling specific environmental challenges, and is run by the University of St Andrews with independent exploration and production ...

Huffington Post: How the ‘Avon’ model is empowering women to ‘inspire change’ in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' community health programme trains local women to be 'Avon-like' social entrepreneurs, offering a range of affordable contraceptive options in their villages. Since the project began in 2007, the proportion of women in Velondriake using contraceptives has increased more than fivefold. Read the full Huffington Post article.

New Security Beat: After a chance meeting, a new Population-Health-Environment programme is born in Madagascar

Against the stunning backdrop of Marojejy National Park in northeast Madagascar, a doctor and a conservationist cross paths. Although from very different backgrounds, their responses to the social and environmental challenges facing their partner communities are surprisingly similar... After a chance meeting, a new Population-Health-Environment programme is born in Madagascar, by BV's Dr Vik Mohan ...

Global acclaim for conservation organisation addressing unmet need for family planning

Marine conservation organisation Blue Ventures received an Excellence in Leadership for Family Planning (EXCELL) award at the International Conference on Family Planning held in Ethiopia this week. Over 3,000 delegates from more than 100 countries gathered at the conference, which was centred on the theme “Full Access, Full Choice”, to discuss effective ways of delivering voluntary family ...
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