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Blog: How many lionfish? Special training to count the cryptic invader

Since its accidental introduction to the Atlantic in the 1980s, the Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans) has become one of the greatest threats to the resilience of Caribbean reef systems. With extremely rapid reproduction and few natural predators outside its native range, lionfish populations have exploded across the Caribbean, devastating fish and invertebrate communities on coral ...

The Reporter: Lionfish jewelry: the latest tactic in population control

The Belize newspaper "The Reporter" recently published an article about the lionfish jewellery programme that we have facilitated in Belize. The article covers the training course where 14 Belizean women received instruction in jewellery making, accounting, marketing, branding and team building. Our Country Coordinator in Belize, Jennifer Chapman, is interviewed: "Dealing with the lionfish is ...

The Reporter: Fine jewellery from lionfish?

The Reporter published an article covering the lionfish jewellery workshop in Belize, and interviewed our country coordinator, Jen Chapman, about the benefits of this venture: "Through the jewellery, we’re creating value for the parts of the lionfish that were previously discarded. This adds value to the fisherman’s catch, which encourages him to go out and ...

The Reporter: Three organizations help feed and improve diet of children in feeding program

The donation of our lionfish catch to the children of "Dara's" feeding program has been covered by The Reporter. Our Belize country coordinator, Jen Chapman, told the newspaper: “We need to protect the environment, and removing this aggressive fish and using it as food is a good thing” Read the full article: Three organizations help feed and ...

Wake Up Belize TV: Putting lionfish on the menu

Our Belize Country Coordinator, Jen Chapman, talks to Wake Up Belize about lionfish! We're running jewellery making workshops using lionfish spines and fins this summer, empowering local women and adding extra market value to lionfish caught in Belize. "We've had to come to accept the fact that lionfish are here to stay, there is nothing ...

Unique dive trip named as one of National Geographic’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime 2015

A unique dive trip to Belize has been named as one of National Geographic’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime 2015; an accolade reserved for the most authentic, innovative, immersive and sustainable tours on the planet. Run by marine conservation organisation Blue Ventures, the expedition offers travellers the opportunity to improve their scuba diving skills and learn ...

Love FM Making Waves: Lionfish in Belize

Jennifer Chapman, BV's Belize Country Coordinator, and Leomir Santoya, Project Coordinator of the Sarteneja Fishermen Association, are guests on Love FM's Making Waves, where they talk about a new competition they're running with the Northern Fishermen Cooperative and PACT. The collaboration hopes to encourage and incentivise local fishers to catch more lionfish and help build up the ...

National Geographic: Belize fights back against an uninvited guest

BV's Jo Hudson writes about an innovative scheme in Belize to combat invasive lionfish. "Across Belize, conservationists are now working with communities to teach fishermen lionfish handling and processing techniques, in doing so cultivating new domestic and international markets for this surprisingly delicious fish."

Belize targets international fish markets to protect coral reefs from an uninvited visitor

At 11am on Tuesday, 2 July, the first box of filleted invasive lionfish left Belize international airport bound for Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its contents: 5.2 kg of the invasive lionfish, Pterois volitans, a species that poses one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of coral reefs and fisheries throughout the Caribbean region. First released accidentally ...
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