Rebuilding fisheries on a global scale: Blue Ventures expands horizons

Pioneering efforts to rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities in the Indian Ocean have received a distinguished accolade for social entrepreneurship. The Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, which recognises organisations that are disrupting the status quo and driving large-scale social change, will be presented to Blue Ventures at a ceremony in Oxford on Thursday 16 ...

Charting a course for sustainable small-scale fisheries

6 December 2014, Stone Town, Zanzibar – Improving the management of Africa’s small-scale fisheries can deliver sustained benefits throughout the seafood supply chain, benefiting coastal communities while rebuilding dwindling fish stocks. This was the message of a landmark meeting in Zanzibar, bringing together 65 delegates from 13 countries across east Africa and the western Indian Ocean. ...

Integrated approach to sustainable development gathers momentum in Madagascar

A landmark meeting held in Antananarivo this week brought together health and conservation organisations, international donors and government ministers to discuss their shared vision for Madagascar’s sustainable development. The meeting called for more widespread adoption of an integrated approach known as ‘Population-Health-Environment’ (PHE), which combines health education and voluntary family planning services with natural resource ...

New Security Beat: After a chance meeting, a new Population-Health-Environment programme is born in Madagascar

Against the stunning backdrop of Marojejy National Park in northeast Madagascar, a doctor and a conservationist cross paths. Although from very different backgrounds, their responses to the social and environmental challenges facing their partner communities are surprisingly similar... After a chance meeting, a new Population-Health-Environment programme is born in Madagascar, by BV's Dr Vik Mohan ...

Community-based aquaculture in the Western Indian Ocean region: towards a sustainable future for coastal people and marine biodiversity

Scientists, technical experts, social entrepreneurs and community leaders engaged in aquaculture programmes across the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) gathered in Zanzibar last week to share experiences, opportunities, challenges and lessons learned, with the aim of developing recommendations for the sustainable growth of community-based aquaculture (CBA) initiatives in the region. [tweetable]Coastal communities in the WIO are ...
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