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National Geographic: Shark fishers in Madagascar sell fins for pennies

The blog "Shark fishers in Madagascar sell fins for pennies" is featured in the National Geographic's Ocean Views blog.

National Geographic: Belize fights back against an uninvited guest

BV's Jo Hudson writes about an innovative scheme in Belize to combat invasive lionfish. "Across Belize, conservationists are now working with communities to teach fishermen lionfish handling and processing techniques, in doing so cultivating new domestic and international markets for this surprisingly delicious fish."

Not so small after all – exposing the true value of tropical ‘small-scale’ fisheries

A landmark study has provided a comprehensive assessment of the economic value of small-scale fisheries to some of the Indian Ocean's most impoverished communities, demonstrating the crucial contribution these make to the daily survival of coastal populations. Small-scale fisheries are fundamental to the livelihoods of over 500 million people worldwide, both as a source of ...

Hundreds of fishers gather for opening of mangrove fishery reserves in western Madagascar

The morning of November 11th saw the opening of two pioneering community-managed mangrove reserves in western Madagascar. Over 200 fishers attended the opening of the two fishing sites, covering an area of approximately 200 hectares, in order to reap the benefits of a temporary closure that has prohibited all forms of fishing and mangrove cutting ...

Thousands of turtles captured in Madagascar despite ban

The study highlights the extent of small-scale fishing, traditionally been very difficult to monitor, and could be vital in finding a way to sustainably manage turtle fishing in the region. Dr Annette Broderick, from the Centre for Ecology and Conservation (Cornwall) at the University of Exeter, said: “We conducted this study because we know this ...
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