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Rebuilding Fisheries


Local communities reap dividends from managing octopus fisheries

A landmark study from the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar highlights the compelling economic benefits of local fisheries management and their role in catalysing community engagement in broader marine management efforts. Marine management pays. This is the striking conclusion of a new study evaluating an initiative by coastal communities in Madagascar to manage octopus fisheries. Marine ...

The Ecologist: Sustainable abundance – rebuilding fisheries to support coastal communities in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' community conservation model is featured in The Ecologist. "Marine conservation is usually expressed in austere and negative terms, writes Alasdair Harris, with strict quotas and exclusion zones. But the truth is the exact opposite: it's about working with natural ecosystems to unlock their productive potential, creating sustainable wealth and abundance for fishing communities ...

The Guardian: Marine protection enables coastal communities to thrive

Our work supporting community fisheries management in Madagascar is profiled in The Guardian.

Africa Geographic: Rebuilding fisheries on a global scale

Our work and Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship are featured in the article "Rebuilding fisheries on a global scale" in Africa Geographic.

Rebuilding fisheries on a global scale: Blue Ventures expands horizons

Pioneering efforts to rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities in the Indian Ocean have received a distinguished accolade for social entrepreneurship. The Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, which recognises organisations that are disrupting the status quo and driving large-scale social change, will be presented to Blue Ventures at a ceremony in Oxford on Thursday 16 ...

TED Blog: A radical approach to saving fisheries

Blue Ventures' founder and executive director, Dr Alasdair Harris, is featured on the TED blog 'Octopus’s garden: A TED Fellow with a radical approach to saving fisheries'. "We focus on ways to help communities manage coastal fisheries to generate real benefits in time frames that work for people. The time frame issue is critical, because an East ...

Charting a course for sustainable small-scale fisheries

6 December 2014, Stone Town, Zanzibar – Improving the management of Africa’s small-scale fisheries can deliver sustained benefits throughout the seafood supply chain, benefiting coastal communities while rebuilding dwindling fish stocks. This was the message of a landmark meeting in Zanzibar, bringing together 65 delegates from 13 countries across east Africa and the western Indian Ocean. ...

National Geographic: Shark fishers in Madagascar sell fins for pennies

The blog "Shark fishers in Madagascar sell fins for pennies" is featured in the National Geographic's Ocean Views blog.

National Geographic: Belize fights back against an uninvited guest

BV's Jo Hudson writes about an innovative scheme in Belize to combat invasive lionfish. "Across Belize, conservationists are now working with communities to teach fishermen lionfish handling and processing techniques, in doing so cultivating new domestic and international markets for this surprisingly delicious fish."

Not so small after all – exposing the true value of tropical ‘small-scale’ fisheries

A landmark study has provided a comprehensive assessment of the economic value of small-scale fisheries to some of the Indian Ocean's most impoverished communities, demonstrating the crucial contribution these make to the daily survival of coastal populations. Small-scale fisheries are fundamental to the livelihoods of over 500 million people worldwide, both as a source of ...
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