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Blog: Talking Tara Bandu – A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures' staff and volunteers travelled to Adara on the west coast of Atauro Island to witness the creation of a new Locally Managed Marine Area - a marine milestone for locally led conservation in the Coral Triangle Read the full post: Talking Tara Bandu: A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures launches Timor-Leste’s first conservation tourism expeditions

Blue Ventures is proud to announce the launch of our first ecotourism and marine conservation expedition in Timor-Leste. Eight international ecotourism volunteers, coming from Germany, India, Australia, Denmark, USA and the United Kingdom, have departed Dili for four weeks contributing to critical marine conservation on Ataúro Island. Working alongside local communities on the island, the volunteers will ...

Blog: Exploring Dili – diak ka lae?

Diak ka lae, translates as 'Good or not?' As our team in Timor-Leste get ready to welcome our first volunteers, Sean reflects on his first few weeks in his new home town. Good, definitely good. Read the full post: http://blog.blueventures.org/diak-ka-lae/

The Telegraph: The 100 best travel companies for volunteering

The Telegraph publishes an annual directory of the 100 best gap year travel companies and websites. We think number 23 sounds fantastic if you want to volunteer in marine conservation! Read the full article: The Telegraph: Gap Year 100 company directory: volunteering Find out more about volunteering options with Blue Ventures

Partnering for conservation in Timor-Leste

Our Managing Director Richard Nimmo is currently visiting our new colleagues and partners in Timor-Leste. Today he signed a formal partnership agreement with Dr Mari Alkatiri, President of the Oe-Cusse Ambeno Special Administrative Region (SAR) and the Special Economic Zones of Social Market Economy of Timor-Leste (ZEESM TL). Blue Ventures will work in collaboration with ...

Explore: Conservation Ecotourism

Since 2003, Blue Ventures has built a globally acclaimed conservation ecotourism model, which is both simple and effective: our volunteer expeditions generate secure and sustainable seed funding to allow our conservation teams to explore and develop initiatives in new regions and countries. The longevity of our presence alongside local partners builds strong relations, trust, credibility, ...

Building capacity with the Belize Defence Force

Blue Ventures has worked in Belize since 2010 and as well as our conservation, research and volunteer activities we work closely with Belizean Government departments and community-based organisations. Through these partnerships, we offer capacity building for SCUBA diving and marine monitoring, and in November we hosted two personnel from the Belize Defence Force as well ...

Blog: Celebrating the mission that unites us

Eighty-four members of our team from all of Blue Ventures’ offices and field programmes in Madagascar attended, along with representatives from our London office and our newest colleague from our evolving partnership project in Comoros met in Andavadoaka, Madagascar for our sixth annual conference. Alongside three days of discussions and workshops to define the collective ...

Catalysing marine conservation in the coral triangle

Blue Ventures is embarking on a new programme in Timor-Leste, working with coastal communities, government agencies, and conservation partners to develop community-led marine conservation in the crucible of marine biodiversity. At the crossroads of Asia and the Pacific lies Asia’s newest country, a remote and mountainous island whose name translates as ‘East of East’. Fringed with ...

Promoting conservation tourism in China

At the end of October, Blue Ventures staff visited the tropical island of Hainan in southern China to promote our award-winning conservation tourism expeditions and to cement our partnership with new conservation organisation ChinaBlue. During the week-long mission, our staff introduced our globally acclaimed expeditions and conservation programmes in Madagascar and Belize at a conference, a ...
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