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Blog: A warm welcome in Ataúro

Volunteer Mackenzie Burke came to Ataúro Island for the diving and the marine science, but was blown away by the welcome she received from the local community. Read the full post: A warm welcome in Ataúro

Blog: A transformational experience

Belize volunteer Jane Stephens describes her expedition experience and how she overcame her scuba diving nerves at Bacalar Chico Dive Camp. Read the full post: A transformational experience

Blog: Diving into Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste volunteer Fiona Westheim describes a coral identification dive from her marine conservation expedition. Read the full post: Diving into Timor-Leste

Blog: Homestays in Andavadoaka: a unique opportunity

Lesley Wicks, one of the first volunteers to experience the Homestay programme in Andavadoaka, gives her perspective on the experience, and some useful advice! Read the full post: Homestays in Andavadoaka: a unique opportunity

Blog: Tinan ida iha Timor-Lorosae: A year in Timor-Leste

In January 2016, Sean Clement was arriving in Timor-Leste for the first time, and now he reflects on a remarkable year on Ataúro Island that has laid the foundations for a bright future. Read the full post: Tinan ida iha Timor-Lorosae: A year in Timor-Leste

Scuba Diver Life: Conservation Spotlight: Blue Ventures

Scuba Diver Life have been profiling conservation organisations, examining what they do and how their readers can get involved to help protect the world's oceans, and they recently talked with Richard Nimmo, Blue Ventures' Managing Director. "Time and again, marine conservation efforts break down because they don’t resonate with the needs of coastal communities. Blue Ventures is ...

Blog: From Ataúro to Raja Ampat: a homestay adventure

Homestays offer a way for coastal communities to diversify and strengthen alternative livelihoods, providing a clear and measurable link between protecting the environment and the economic benefits that tourism can bring. Read the full post: From Ataúro to Raja Ampat: a homestay adventure

Blog: Water between the rocks: A volunteer’s experience of Sarteneja

Before heading off to the gorgeous but isolated Bacalar Chico Dive Camp, Blue Ventures’ Belize volunteers spend some time in the coastal village of Sarteneja for a more immersive experience of the country’s people and culture. This is Tom Smart’s account of his time in Sarteneja as a Blue Ventures volunteer. Read the full post: Water ...

Blog: Amazing Madagascar Part 3: Hungry for Adventure

In this third and final instalment of the Amazing Madagascar series we savour some delicious Malagasy recipes, and help you decide on your next destination. Read the full post: Amazing Madagascar Part 3: Hungry for Adventure

The Gap-year Guidebook: “I loved my adventure. I loved learning about the sea, the fish and the reefs”

Connie Lyndon was interviewed in The Gap-year Guidebook about her decision to take a career break and volunteer on a marine conservation expedition with Blue Ventures in Madagascar. "I was planning to take some time off from my IT consulting career, and combine my love of travel with a desire to give back. My friend ...
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