Explore: Managing Belize’s Lionfish Invasion

Voracious, venomous, and a prolific breeder to boot, the invasive red lionfish poses a huge threat to coral reefs, fisheries and coastal communities in the Caribbean. Find out how Belize's coastal fishing communities are resisting this invasion by reading our new photo story: Managing Belize's Lionfish Invasion

Scuba Diving: Blue Ventures works to preserve Madagascar reefs

Scuba Diving magazine has published an article about how you can "immerse yourself in protecting marine biodiversity" with Blue Ventures' marine conservation expeditions. "By volunteering with Blue Ventures, you’ll learn the diving and scientific techniques used to collect data that’s vital to the management of some of the world’s most biodiverse hot spots and directly contribute ...

Deeper Blue: Top 10 Specialty Dive Trips

Blue Ventures made it onto Deeper Blue's Top 10 Specialty Dive Trips with our marine conservation expeditions in Madagascar. "In one of the most spectacular ecosystems of the Indian Ocean... research dive participants collect critical marine inventory data, which feed into published reports and scientific papers about the state of Madagascar’s coral reefs” Read the ...

EL PAÍS: El año sabático que multiplicará tus opciones de empleo

Blue Ventures' Managing Director Richard Nimmo, who is also Chair of the Year Out Group,was interviewed by the Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS about the advantages of taking a break in your studies to develop different skills and reflect on analyse your strengths. Read the full Spanish article: El año sabático que multiplicará tus opciones de empleo Find out ...

Blog: The Caribbean Spiny Lobster

From fishery closures to how to measure a carapace, our volunteers found out everything they could ever have wanted about the Caribbean Spiny Lobster! Read the full post: The Caribbean Spiny Lobster: our Belize volunteers learn from an expert

Blog: Corals in crisis

This summer Blue Ventures volunteers and staff in the remote fishing village of Andavadoaka in southwest Madagascar have been enjoying warm waters and calm weather. However, beneath the waves the picture is less idyllic. Where once we dived on reefs that sparkled with the vibrant colours of corals, now we’re finding great expanses of ghostly ...

The Guardian: How to make sure your gap year boosts your future career

Blue Ventures' Managing Director Richard Nimmo was a panellist for a live discussion on The Guardian: How to make sure your gap year boosts your future career. Richard, who is also Chair of the Year Out Group, says: “If you want your work experience to be good quality and worthwhile, you will need to have ...

Blog: Talking Tara Bandu – A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures' staff and volunteers travelled to Adara on the west coast of Atauro Island to witness the creation of a new Locally Managed Marine Area - a marine milestone for locally led conservation in the Coral Triangle Read the full post: Talking Tara Bandu: A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Blue Ventures launches Timor-Leste’s first conservation tourism expeditions

Blue Ventures is proud to announce the launch of our first ecotourism and marine conservation expedition in Timor-Leste. Eight international ecotourism volunteers, coming from Germany, India, Australia, Denmark, USA and the United Kingdom, have departed Dili for four weeks contributing to critical marine conservation on Ataúro Island. Working alongside local communities on the island, the volunteers will ...

Blog: Exploring Dili – diak ka lae?

Diak ka lae, translates as 'Good or not?' As our team in Timor-Leste get ready to welcome our first volunteers, Sean reflects on his first few weeks in his new home town. Good, definitely good. Read the full post: http://blog.blueventures.org/diak-ka-lae/
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