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Change Creator Magazine: A reluctant social entrepreneur

Change Creator Magazine: A reluctant social entrepreneur

The cover story of Change Creator Magazine Issue 6 is the foundation of Blue Ventures by Dr. Alasdair Harris, including an exclusive interview.

Having witnessed the struggles of the Vezo fishing communities in Madagascar during his years as a marine biologist, Dr. Harris realised that for them to survive the pressures of climate change and collapsing fish stocks, things would have to change.

For Alasdair Harris, this meant conservation as a social enterprise: new tools, and new ways to engage people. Change would require a permanent presence on the ground – and money he did not have. “I was a reluctant social entrepreneur,” he says. But “I decided to hang up my diving fins and try to develop business-based solutions to the problems I was seeing.”

All this led him to found Blue Ventures.

To read the full story, and learn more about Blue Ventures’ foundation and unique approach to conservation, sign-up for a 1 month free trial of Change Creator Magazine.

In 2015, Dr. Harris won the Skoll Award for social entrepreneurship, and this short film about Blue Ventures’ mission debuted at the awards ceremony.


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