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Hooked: New opportunities to transform conservation

Hooked: New opportunities to transform conservation

As we look forward to this year’s global conversations around the climate and ecological emergencies, we see new opportunities providing optimism for our oceans. In the latest edition of our newlook newsletter, Hooked, we demonstrate how the communities we serve are driving this optimism:

  • Don’t miss the latest news on the future of our ocean. This month: The Food Planet Prize, launch of the Small-Scale Fisheries hub and the unsung heroes of conservation
  • Catch of the day: The conservation leadership programme making waves in East Africa and a brand new locally led homestay association in Timor-Leste
  • In our (net)work: Meet one of our Indonesian partners transforming community conservation in the Wakatobi archipelago
  • From the shore: Meet Lalao Aigrette, Blue Ventures’ technical advisor for mangrove conservation in Madagascar
  • Find out what we’re watching and how you can join us in taking action for the ocean

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Photo: Garth Cripps

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