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Our strategy is to develop, scale and drive the adoption of high-impact models for marine conservation.

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Catalysing conservation

Blue Ventures introduces short-term closures of fishing grounds to boost catches, thus sparking and building enduring support for more ambitious management efforts that are led by communities, for communities. By returning meaningful economic benefits in timeframes that work for traditional fishers, our model inspires local leadership to protect marine biodiversity and improve food security.

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Rebuilding fisheries

Marine conservation efforts often fail when short-term costs are perceived to outweigh future benefits, which may be uncertain. We overcome this challenge by demonstrating the short-term economic benefits of marine conservation to fishers and seafood buyers, showing that fisheries management can reap dividends in realistic timeframes.

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Locally led marine conservation

Blue Ventures works with communities in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean region, supporting them to establish locally appropriate governance systems for the marine resources upon which traditional coastal livelihoods depend.

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Harnessing mobile technology to improve small-scale fisheries management

Blue Ventures is using mobile technology to address the challenge of data-deficiency in small-scale fisheries, capitalising on the rapid expansion of mobile technology and connectivity in low-income nations. Using open access software, freely available to all, our research teams have developed smartphone- and tablet-based fisheries monitoring forms, to capture landings information in remote villages along Madagascar’s west coast.

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Blue forests

We are contributing to the science required to make community-led, rights-based blue carbon projects a reality, and building the capacity of local management associations to protect their mangroves.

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Blue Ventures is working with coastal communities and private sector aquaculture businesses in Madagascar to develop viable livelihood activities appropriate to the local environment and culture. Our community-based aquaculture initiative is providing coastal people in southwest Madagascar with new sources of income, allowing improved access to food and education, while alleviating pressure on marine biodiversity.

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Community health

We work with some of the world’s most isolated coastal communities, whose access to health services is severely limited. In direct response to the unmet family planning needs of Madagascar’s semi-nomadic Vezo fishing communities, we have developed a community health programme which upholds their reproductive rights to freely choose the number and spacing of their births. This initiative is known locally as Safidy, meaning “the freedom to choose”.

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Working holistically (Population-Health-Environment)

Blue Ventures recognises the inextricable links between poor health, unmet family planning needs, food insecurity, environmental degradation and vulnerability to climate change. In response to these interconnected challenges, we have developed a holistic approach integrating reproductive health services with marine conservation and coastal livelihood initiatives.

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The Barren Isles archipelago

The Barren Isles archipelago is one of the few remaining strongholds of thriving marine biodiversity in the western Indian Ocean. Lying off the west coast of Madagascar and home to some of the region’s healthiest coral reefs, this diverse ecosystem supports the livelihoods of more than 4,000 traditional fishers.

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Building Belize’s lionfishery

Since 2011, Blue Ventures has pioneered efforts to commercialise Belize's nascent lionfishery by working with fishers, consumers, restaurants, fishing cooperatives and seafood distributors.

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Conservation tourism

Since 2003, Blue Ventures has built a globally acclaimed conservation tourism social enterprise. Our model is simple and effective. Conservation tourism volunteers are trained to dive and study threatened coral reefs at project sites in remote tropical coastal settings. Living and working alongside traditional fishing communities, our volunteers play a direct role supporting local conservation initiatives. And instead of generating financial gains for shareholders, profits are used to fund grassroots conservation efforts.

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