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Our commitment to Health and Safety

Blue Ventures works with remote coastal communities where the health and safety environment can be challenging. Our primary objective in Health and Safety is to minimise risks, mitigate against unavoidable risks and provide prompt and effective response to emergencies.

In order to achieve that, we have clear policies, procedures and governance in place that provide a Health and Safety framework that everyone who works with us is made aware of through induction and regular training.

Relevant policies and procedures includes our:

  • Risk Assessments for each activity.
  • Emergency Response and Medivac Plans for each country and site of operation.
  • Technical guidance for specific activities such as Mission checklists and our Boat protocol and Dive Protocol.
  • Induction and Training for all staff.

Further information

For more information about our policies and procedures please contact our Health, Safety and Safeguarding team (Richard Nimmo, Davide Grazi and Joella Robby)

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