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Our commitment to safeguarding

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Blue Ventures works with remote coastal communities where people often struggle with severe environmental, economic, and educational challenges. These challenges can heighten communities’ vulnerability. Blue Ventures is committed to ensuring that our staff, partners and anyone working with us, are fully aware of what safeguarding means, our policies and procedures, and the critical importance of safeguarding in our work. Our primary objective in safeguarding is to do no harm, and we take a zero tolerance approach to anyone who contravenes our policies.

For Blue Ventures, safeguarding means protecting communities from the potential harm that arises from coming into contact with anyone working for or with us, or from our activities or our programmes.  We have clear policies, procedures and governance in place that provide a safeguarding framework that everyone who works with us is made aware of through induction and training. Relevant policies, procedures and governance oversight includes our:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Protection Policy for Children and Vulnerable Adults
  3. Whistleblowing and Reporting procedure
  4. Safeguarding and Reporting Committee


Blue Ventures’ commitment to safeguarding means that our Safeguarding and Reporting Committee comprises three trustees (board members) and three members of staff.  These are currently John Wareham (Chair), Frances Humber, Anna Kydd, Richard Nimmo, Njaka Raveloson, Melna Saraswati and Pascale Hunt. In addition, three members of our team Richard Nimmo, Davide Grazi and Joella Robby, oversee safeguarding training and support as a key part of their work.

Further information

For more information about our policies and procedures please contact our safeguarding team (Richard Nimmo, Davide Grazi and Joella Robby)


To report a concern about safeguarding or to report a staff member or representative, please email [email protected] to reach our Safeguarding and Reporting Committee.

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