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Working holistically (Population-Health-Environment)


Working holistically (Population-Health-Environment)

Working holistically: Making the connections, sustaining real change (2015) Blue Ventures Conservation

Blue Ventures recognises the inextricable links between poor health, unmet family planning needs, food insecurity, environmental degradation and vulnerability to climate change.

In response to these interconnected challenges, we have developed a holistic approach integrating reproductive health services with marine conservation and coastal livelihood initiatives.

Our unconventional journey in conservation began through listening. We learned that people in Velondriake, Madagascar’s first locally managed marine area, thought that fish stocks would collapse without improved access to family planning. We also saw that, as a field-based organisation working in these isolated communities, we were ideally positioned to address this critical unmet need.

We started incorporating reproductive health services into our fisheries management initiatives in 2007. Since then, we have expanded this programme to serve over 25,000 people across more than 60 communities along Madagascar’s west coast.

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