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Save Our Seas: In conversation with Alasdair Harris

Save Our Seas: In conversation with Alasdair Harris

In the 10th issue of the Save Our Seas MagazineAlasdair Harris is interviewed about Blue Ventures’ approach to supporting community-based natural resource management.

The real moment that draws us to conservation, says Alasdair Harris, is one of empathy and recognition that this is as much a story about people’s survival, identity and future as it is about the conservation of the natural world and biodiversity. Lauren De Vos chatted to the founder of the award-winning social enterprise Blue Ventures about what we’re still getting wrong when it comes to empowering communities in conservation – and what might be worth thinking about to get things right.

“As conservationists supporting community conservation, our ultimate objective should be to work ourselves out of a job. In the end, if we’re not handing over to community leaders so that they can continue the work we’ve supported, we haven’t succeeded.”

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