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Scuba Diver Life: Conservation Spotlight: Blue Ventures

Scuba Diver Life: Conservation Spotlight: Blue Ventures

Scuba Diver Life have been profiling conservation organisations, examining what they do and how their readers can get involved to help protect the world’s oceans, and they recently talked with Richard Nimmo, Blue Ventures’ Managing Director.

“Time and again, marine conservation efforts break down because they don’t resonate with the needs of coastal communities. Blue Ventures is developing conservation models that work for people, showing that effective marine conservation is in everyone’s interest (…) We [also] recruit marine-conservation volunteers to join us on expeditions to support our work in Madagascar, Belize and Timor-Leste. Volunteers learn the diving and scientific techniques to collect data that is vital to the management of some of the world’s most remote marine-biodiversity hotspots.”

Read the full article here: Conservation Spotlight: Blue Ventures

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