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Blog: Velondriake villages stake their claim to mangrove conservation

This week is sees both International Forests Day and World Water Day – what better way to explore the intertwined nature of the two than celebrating mangroves – incredible areas where the forest meets the sea.


Blog: Exploring Dili – diak ka lae?

Diak ka lae, translates as ‘Good or not?’ As our team in Timor-Leste get ready to welcome our first volunteers, Sean reflects on his first few weeks in his new home town. Good, definitely good.


Blog: How many lionfish? Special training to count the cryptic invader

Our team in Belize are partnering with the Belize Fisheries Department to develop the national strategy for lionfish control in areas accessible to fishers and within No Take Zones.


Blog: Celebrating the mission that unites us

Find out what happens when 84 marine conservationists come together to share ideas, celebrate our mission, and dance!


Blog: Climate-resilient development? We’re doing it already!

As COP21 in Paris opens, we frequently hear about “socio-ecological resilience”, “climate-resilient development” and “resilience programming”, but what do these terms mean, and what can we learn from them?

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