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Abrão Soares Pereira


Conservation Officer

Originally from Baucau district in Timor-Leste, Abrão Soares Pereira joins us in 2020 as our new Conservation Officer.

Before joining Blue Ventures, he has worked as a freelance translator, helping translate documents from English to Tetun, as well as a barista! He is also a diver, having just completed his Open Water course with a Marine Conservation awareness focus.

Outside of work, Abrão has previously volunteered at youth group organisations, which have helped him develop his skills and abilities. With some of his friends, he has also founded a volunteer youth group – its main activities focus on raising awareness about the impact of single-use plastics, and imparting environmental education to schools and communities.

His passion for the environment motivated him to join Blue Ventures because he wanted to help communities understand and care about the importance of conserving Timor-Leste’s environment, as well as draw attention to various conservation issues.

He is very excited about this new role, because it will provide him the opportunity to work and engage directly with communities, as well as enable him to adopt different approaches towards implementing projects that will effectively contribute to Timorese communities.

In his free time, he enjoys snorkelling, hiking, biking, and photography.

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