Adrian Levrel


National Outreach & Policy Lead
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Adrian is a French water engineer and holds a MSc in biological oceanography from Norway. He has worked internationally in several research environments in marine ecology, from coral reefs to tropical ichthyology, with an increasing taste for conservation.

He previously worked with the IUCN in Ecuador and Ifremer (the French Fisheries & Seas scientific authority), where his studies were important for local fisheries (fishing pressure and stock assessments as well as bycatch mitigation and IUU fishing assessment). He has just left WWF-France as the main coordinator of the marine programs in French Guiana, where he built and implemented several regional joint initiatives on marine turtles, marine mammals and sustainable fisheries.

Within Blue Ventures, Adrian oversaw the development of our fisheries work in Madagascar for many years, working closely with our field teams to ensure consistent and scientifically sound design for community-led fisheries monitoring and management approaches. He is now the National Outreach & Policy Lead.

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