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Aimé Safidy Safidinjanahary


Community Health Programme Coordinator
Maintirano, Madagascar

My home town is Toliara so i’ve always been close to the coastal community, with my two kids and my wife, we are ready to go to Maintirano. I’ve always been a community health worker, and I have been working with organisations in the community health and environmental fields for several years. Health can help people all over the world to do what they want (education, work, hobbies) in life; people can protect livelihoods within their communities when they are healthy. Several times ago, I felt that the health being state of the community is a big part of having a successful life, which is why I chose to use my knowledge in this particular area. Today I work with Blue Ventures to improve the health of communities and integrate the health programme with our marine conservation work. Personally I think it’s a priority to make a difference in the environment.

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