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Amedaly Ajojolava


Beekeeping and Community Liaison Officer Technician
Ambanja, Madagascar

Amedaly has worked for BV since 2018 as a Local Technician Consultant in Beekeeping, managed by Blue Forest program. He is originally from the one of the villages that BV works in Tsimipaika Bay.

He has shown his motivation and his passion to work with the communities to rebuild fisheries and improve the welfare of local people. Amedaly would like to develop his knowledge and professional career in BV which, for the first time in his life has enabled him to use computers and other technology such us GPS.

Before joining BV, Amedaly practised traditional fishing in his village as a daily job, at the same time as he was temporary recruited by the Company T’TELO (partner of BV in 2016) as a Beekeeping Technician, following the training and experience that he received in this sector.

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