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Asiem Sanyal


Science Manager

Asiem joined us in 2019 as a Field Scientist, and is currently Science Manager at Timor-Leste.

He is a marine biologist, a PADI dive instructor and a Reef Check trainer, with a Master’s in Marine Science from Calcutta University and a Master’s in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College London. Asiem has worked on various aspects of marine conservation, ranging from species-level monitoring of sea turtles and pelagic sea birds, to advocating sustainable livelihoods to fishing communities, to understanding coral reef and seagrass ecology and the communities that they sustain. An islander at heart, he has enjoyed working in the Andamans, Bermuda, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Vietnam and Croatia earlier, where he has also built upon his love for languages by endeavouring to learn the local language of the place. A strong proponent of engaging local communities to fulfil conservation goals through active participation and stewardship, he loves to integrate with their culture while working alongside them.

A compulsive traveller, he enjoys exploring lands and life. He is an avid reader, a keen bird watcher, and also spends his spare time in creative pursuits such as sketching and writing about the natural world.

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