Caitlin Plunkett


Health-Environment Partnerships Development Officer
Bristol, UK

Caitlin has worked for NGOs in Ethiopia and most recently Cambodia. Her work to date includes improving access to clean water, healthcare and development opportunities for women, as well as working on education-focused programmes.

After teaching English in Vietnam, she settled in Cambodia where she assisted in the set up of both a social enterprise and a school. During this time she secured a post coordinating wildlife conservation and education programmes across South East Asia for a UK-based volunteer placement organisation. Wanting to stay in the not for profit sector but looking to work for a more conservation-focused organisation, the move to Blue Ventures has provided her the perfect opportunity.

Caitlin will be working within our PHE team to help us reach more coastal communities and support more partners to develop their own holistic, multisector approaches to rebuilding fisheries and protecting marine ecosystems.

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