Cecilia Guerrero


Conservation Coordinator
Sarteneja, Belize

Cecilia joined our Belize team in 2017 as the Community Programme Coordinator, leading our community, outreach and education programmes in Sarteneja and other stakeholder communities across the country. Her role included working closely with the “Belioness” Belize Lionfish Jewelry Group and leading our social marketing campaign that aims to increase demand for invasive lionfish. Her role has since changed to Conservation Coordinator, and includes grant management, as well as working with the Belize Fisheries Department to implement the National Lionfish Management Strategy.

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of El Salvador, Cecilia has worked in Belize for several local and international non-profit organisations supporting education and outreach efforts with a focus on marine wildlife and conservation. Through her work, Cecilia has travelled across Belize engaging and learning from the culturally diverse communities that make Belize a very unique country. In 2015, Cecilia became a MAR Leader.

Cecilia enjoys being outdoors, exploring Belize and traveling to new places. She also enjoys living near the sea and can’t imagine living too far from a body of water.

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