Christina Galitsky


Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Before joining Blue Ventures in 2017, Christie spent over 12 years managing projects and teams around the world. As staff researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States, she received international accolades developing a fuel efficient cook stove program for the refugees in Darfur. She managed a team to create an inexpensive technology to remove arsenic from drinking water in Bangladesh. After switching her focus to wildlife, she helped run a community-based conservation program in Papua New Guinea and then worked with NOAA in the US to develop a consensus based model for restoration, working together with three native tribes, two state governments and three federal agencies.
As our Madagascar-based Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Officer, Christie helps to develop MEL plans to support programme and site strategies. She works with the teams to implement systems and processes across the different programmes and sites to ensure that these MEL plans are working effectively to support strategic decision-making.

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