David Parker


Global Fisheries Improvement Lead
Bristol, UK

David is a committed marine professional, keen to improve, enhance and drive positive change within the marine environment without compromising the needs of society. David is dedicated to the sustainable utilisation of our seas – with the aim of ensuring food security, biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods. As Global Fisheries Improvement Lead for Blue Ventures, David will focus on the delivery of real and innovative change on the ground and on the water in coastal small-scale fishing communities in low-income countries. We can then tell these amazing stories and deliver a high quality and sustainable product, helping these communities to gain a premium to achieve the maximum rewards for their hard work and help to pay for vital amenities and improvements in quality of life. Incentivising best practice is essential here, and if this is successful in the West Indian Ocean, we can then take the model and concurrent social and environmental benefits elsewhere in the world to maximise conservation benefit and community empowerment globally.

David has worked for NGO’s, the Government and for the private seafood sector. David also sits on a number of boards and committees aimed at improving fisheries sustainability and social welfare in the seafood sector and has won awards for his work on selective fishing using LED lights. When David’s not at work he’s an avid adventurer, surfer, sailor, motorcyclist, fisherman and SCUBA diver.

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