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Eleanor Takhar


Science Officer

Ellie is a science officer & diving instructor in Belize, with her work focusing on coordinating and implementing the science program and carrying out dive training. This includes working out in the field collecting data on lionfish and the reef, science training with volunteers, and communicating research results to the community and other stakeholders.

Ellie started out in conservation in Central America, volunteering in rainforests in Costa Rica but after she discovered diving, she shifted her focus to the oceans and protecting marine environments, working in Asia and the Caribbean as a dive instructor.

She has a BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Exeter and since graduating she has been working for NGOs in community driven conservation in Fiji and the Philippines, before settling in Belize. Her interests lie in coral reef health and management, coastal resilience to climate change and the effects of eutrophication on benthic life.

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