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Eva Borges Pereira


Junior Field Scientist

I spent most of my childhood with friends exploring the nature in some beautiful hills and rivers near where we lived. Therefore, I always have the impression of how beautiful the nature is. I wanted to study nature in order to understand more about the importance of it and how it connected to human lives. After many efforts, I was granted to a scholarship and I decided to pursue my bachelor degree in Environmental science at the University of South Australia (UniSA) in Australia. During pursuing my study in Australia, I was fortunate enough to spent time in Australian nature and got to do a study about forests in Fiji. Most of my study was more terrestrial botany and ecology related. I finished my study in December 2018, as environmental scientist, I wanted to find a science and community fieldwork based job.

I am interested in the work that Blue Ventures is doing and I am excited to join Blue Ventures and looking forward to be part of the future achievement in conservation and community particularly in Timor-Leste. I am a nature lover, I enjoy camping, and travelling to experience new culture, and hiking can be part of boosting my energy up. I am obsessed to sunrise and sunset therefore, having a relax evening with sunset and additional tasty tunes will be the best thing to end my day. To be a diver, understanding the nature of the ocean, ecotourism and local knowledge in resource management will be great achievement in the future.

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