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Fabian Kyne


Conservation Science Manager

Fabian is our Conservation Science Manager in Belize, responsible for leading the science program and the development of the national lionfish management strategy with partners across Belize. This includes working with marine protected areas (MPA) managers, government and resource users to support adaptive management, build capacity and promote good governance across the lionfish and small-scale fisheries sectors.

Having lived in Jamaica for several years, Fabian has worked as both a scientist and conservation planner to establish Jamaica’s largest MPA and deliver effective programming and strategy to improve ocean literacy, food security and strengthen national and regional policy for ecosystem resilience and adaptation to climate change. Fabian holds an MSc in Marine Environment and Resources from Southampton University and his research interests include MPA design, connectivity and governance; collecting data on shark, ray and fish populations, ecosystem health and functioning to underpin good decision making and deliver more effective conservation strategy.

Fabian is a lover of all things ocean; enjoying scuba diving, fishing and sailing whenever given the chance.

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