Fanny ‘Effy’ Vessaz


Partner Support Technician

Fanny Vessaz, known as Effy, is Blue Ventures’ Project Manager in the Comoros, where she works closely with our partner Dahari to develop community-based marine management initiatives, specifically within three villages on the island of Anjouan: Dzindri, Salamani and Vassy.

After volunteering in many projects and obtaining a MSc in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, Effy committed herself to various projects focusing on preserving the marine environment while having a strong emphasis on collaboration and outreach. During her MSc thesis, she developed participatory methods with small-scale shrimp trawling fishers in Brazil to experiment bycatch reduction devices and implement adaptive co-management towards a sustainable fishery benefiting local livelihoods.

Since then, she has managed a sea turtle rehabilitation centre, implemented small-scale coral reef restoration and monitoring programmes, and developed awareness-raising campaigns and educational activities in Indonesia, Maldives, Seychelles and Malaysia.

“I believe outreach to a wide range of stakeholders is key in building a sustainable future for all and preserving the environment, as much as is collaboration and partnership, together developing a sustainable future. I also love hiking, being on/in/underwater and reading a good book.”

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