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Irene Sanchez


Digital Design Assistant
Bristol, UK

Irene started working at Blue Ventures as a Digital Design Intern, helping the UK and overseas teams to design their ideas and projects. As a Digital Design Assistant, she seeks to inject style and innovation into every project she collaborates with, aspiring to help BV to escalate to a high standard in this modern digital era.

Before joining BV, Irene has played a wide range of roles in remote locations like the Maldives, practising Veterinary Medicine and Photography for a marine organisation, as well as teaming up with local Maldivian schools in order to raise awareness on climate change and risks. She holds an MSc in Biological Photography & Imaging from the University of Nottingham, during which she wrote and designed a magazine related to coral bleaching and to environmental conservation issues.

Irene speaks fluent Catalan, Spanish and English and she is aiming to polish her French. When she is not busy at the office, she loves surfing, the outdoors and the sounds of her little ukulele.

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