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Jean Fernando


Acting Fisheries technician
Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar

I am a Malagasy graduate from EARTH University ( facts/) in Costa Rica, with a Licenciature in Engineer agriculture, equivalent to a B.Sc. (Ag.E). Since I was in high school I have been able to explore the life science field with wealth of marine ecological and agricultural research experience that acquire many professional experiences with valuable skills from Madagascar, the Bahamas, South Africa and Costa Rica that really important for the Madagascar environmental conservation. I am field scientist at Blue Ventures NGO in Madagascar.  But from January 2019 till April I did post-internship with REEFDOCTOR which is focus on Scientifics UVC surveys where we focus on expert fish population, corals and Invertebrates and I am PADI divemaster and then become real member as an Education development office until October. But in 2017 from August to December, I completed a 3 months internship with REEF DOCTOR in Madagascar. There we focused on marine conservation and community development. I was predominantly working on marine research, as well as participating in projects which involve, and interact with the local community, with the aim to create alternative livelihoods, collect scientific and socio-economic data, and provide extra-curricular education and teaching through the English program, environmental education and also as a documentary translator. And in 2013, I attended a summer intensive study at Island school in Bahamas and where I studied about coral reef ecosystems while SCUBA diving in Marine Ecology class.

In addition, in 2011- 2012 I was volunteered as a research assistant in Carnivore Ecology Research conducted by Zach Farris (Ph.d), Virginia Tech University and later officially join the team as a temporary member. My duty was increasing, so I served as project leader for the research conducted in 2012 and as the environmental education project manager. I also coordinated the project by providing communication, leadership and management and assisted as an English-Malagasy translator. In the same year I was communication officer of the MYNE association founded by UNICEF. It is a network for the youth who are passionate and willing to protect the environment and at the same time I was the president of Antimaroa English Environmental Club (AEEC) for learning and practicing American English with a focus on biodiversity vocabulary, including a weekly local radio show 2011-2012. All of these positions required high attention to detail and organization in order to make sure that each project run properly and was managed well.

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