Kitty Brayne


Conservation Programmes Manager
London, UK

Kitty joined the Blue Ventures team as Country Coordinator for Madagascar in February 2014. After studying natural sciences, focusing on ecology and conservation at Cambridge University, she went on to work on projects engaging people in nature and its conservation. A planned “year out” to get practical conservation experience in the Indian Ocean developed into more than four years working in the Comoros and Madagascar, with the ECDD project in Anjouan and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Madagascar, where she specialised in outreach for community-based conservation projects, while also working on project development and management.

Kitty is responsible for coordinating and supporting Blue Ventures’ conservation team to deliver their goals and develop partnerships within Madagascar.

I first visited one of Blue Ventures’ field sites as part of an exchange trip while working in the Comoros, and since then have greatly appreciated participating in the organisation’s culture of learning and sharing of experiences. A big focus of mine now is to continue to cultivate this, looking both internally and externally, in order to further develop Blue Ventures’ integrated approach to conservation, and drive its adoption by partners throughout Madagascar.”

Kitty is based in Antananarivo, speaks fluent French and basic Malagasy, and is a keen cyclist and fiddle player.

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