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Lalatiana Ramparanirina Tsy Very Hanta


Community Health Technician
Maintirano, Madagascar

Lalatiana holds a midwifery diploma, and previously worked as midwife in a public health centre (CSB II) in Ampanotokana-Mahitsy in the Analamanga region. After this first professional experience she taught obstetric and gynaecological care in Antananarivo, and then moved to the Menabe region to work with the Mahefa Mikolo programme. She later worked for the WHO in Menabe to gather data on poliomyelitis. Through these positions, she gained experience working in remote areas and a solid background in community health projects.

She now works to coordinate our Safidy community health programme in the Belo sur Mer area. She is in charge of assisting a network of Community Health Workers based in the villages where BV is active. One of her big responsibilities is to support BV in its integrated approach by talking to communities about the links between health and the environment. Passionate about her work, and always available to provide support and care, she wishes to be able to pass some important messages and to help communities improve their health and living conditions.

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