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Marc Fruitema


Outreach Regional Programmes Manager
London, UK

Marc spent two years with BV in Belize, conducting research and a social marketing campaign to enable the growing fishery for the invasive Lionfish, supporting the development and growth of the Belize Lionfish Jewelry group and coordinating community programmes. He joined the London team in early 2017, and now oversees the partnerships and learning relationships BV is establishing with partner organisations, communities and fisheries agencies across the world’s tropical coastal regions. Through facilitating learning, community exchanges and technical support, he works to empower coastal fishing communities to manage their own resources and support the growing movement towards human rights-based fisheries management.

Prior to joining Blue Ventures, Marc was in Miami, FL, overseeing public art programmes for a community arts non profit he co founded while also completing his MS at the University of Miami. His thesis focused on understanding the political ecology of solid waste management in an indigenous Guna community in San Blas, Panama, to support village decision making and planning. Marc speaks Dutch, English, French and Spanish fluently, and really hopes to learn Bahasa and Kiswahili soon! True to his dutch blood, he loves cycling and exploring the outdoors, above and under water.

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