Martin Muir, PhD


Digital Manager
Chester, UK

Martin designed, built and maintains our main websiteblog, discover and explore sites as well as managing and advising on a whole host of other digital tasks for BV.

Before joining Blue Ventures, Martin ran a digital agency specialising in creative digital content for academic and non-profit partners. Prior to this he was researching and teaching on climate change adaptation and conservation policy including mapping and modelling climate change scenarios, hydrological and ecological impacts and creating policy relevant decision support tools for environmental management and conservation strategy.

Martin’s previous expedition experience has taken him all over the world working with conservation agencies in the UK with WDC, Indonesian Borneo with OuTrop, Bolivia and Gambia with Glasgow ExSoc and living for a year in Ecuador with the indigenous Payamino community remote in the amazon rainforest. He’s a keen photographer and has many many images from these travels, some of which have were exhibited in a rainforest hut he built in a Glasgow museum. True story

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