Niels Bourquin


Site Leader
Belo sur Mer, Madagascar

Niels comes from Geneva, Switzerland. Maybe because of the vibrant mix of cultures that he encountered while growing up there, he has developed for international cooperation and meeting other cultures early. After completing a BSc degree in physics and MSc degree in sustainable energy technology, he started working in West Africa specialising in water treatment systems with the Antenna Technologies Foundation.

In 2014, he got the opportunity to be the first coordinator of Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer and open their coordination office in Madagascar. After setting up a team and working mainly on rural electrification projects there, his interest for environment conservation and work with communities attracted him to Blue Ventures.

He now works for BV as Belo sur Mer Site Leader where he’ll do his best to share some of his experience and positivity. Overseeing BV’s activities, managing the team, supporting BV’s programmes leads, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy with the communities will be his main responsibilities in this role.

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