Raymond Raherindray


Aquaculture Coordinator
Ambanja, Madagascar

Raymond is responsible for budget management, the reporting of many different BV projects in NW Madagascar, and making sure all the staff member are recorded, following the Malagasy government law and safe when they are in the field.

Raymond also manages all the logistics and transportation for all BV staff and partner visits to Ambanja.

Raymond was a Mangrove Carbon Scientist with BV for almost four years. In addition to the budget management and reporting, he led the field activity of several teams and local assistants, including planning, data collection, entry and archiving, and ensurinh all the protocol and methodology in the field and at the soil lab are followed properly.

He started his career at Community Centred Conservation (C3) NGO as a Programme Officer in which he lead the field mission with national and expat students on monitoring and research on marine and different coastal ecosystems and species in danger of extinctions in the top northeast and west of Madagascar and keeping the best relationship with the local community and partners.

He has completed many scientific expeditions in both the north and southwest of Madagascar and has pursued training in Ecotourism and Biomanagement at the Marine Science Institute and the University of Toliara after getting a Professional Bachelors on Coastal and Marine Resources degrees at University of Antsiranana.

During his research he has been a consultant at Les Gambas de l’Ankarana (LGA) for a shrimp farm and was responsible for conducting a seasonal assessment and monitoring waterfowl.

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