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Rindra Rasoloniriana


National Technical Advisor for Fisheries
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Rindra is an agronomy engineer and has a MSc in marine and lacustrine sciences and management. He had spent many years in the private sector, particularly in shrimp fisheries and aquaculture. For instance, he coordinated an environmental project targeting the MSC certification and afterward the shrimp fisheries management project. He contributed, in particular to the implementation of the TED (turtle excluder devices) and BRD (By-catch reducing device), designed with Ifremer, on the trawl nets. He started working with BV in 2016 as a consultant, analyzing the database from the finfish monitoring program in Maintirano, the largest LMMA in East Africa.

Since October 2016, he worked as a BV staff member as Fisheries Projects Coordinator for the Barren Islands. He will focus mainly on the development and implementation of the fisheries management plan in the LMMA to reach the goal of sustainable fisheries.


As far as I am concerned, conservation per se is not sufficient in developing countries to preserve marine resources. First of all, coastal communities must be integrated and involved in the conservation process; secondly this process must go hand in hand with the consideration of their sustainable livelihoods, therefore their incomes.

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