Roxane Sylvie de Waegh


Field Scientist

My name is Roxane Sylvie de Waegh. I am a Field Scientist working on Atauro Island, Timor-Leste. As a post-graduate from the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), I have acquired knowledge and skills in the interdisciplinary field of Marine Ecosystems and Society. The nature of this multi-faceted degree has prepared me to design integrative approaches that combine environmental goals with community needs. During my professional career, I have continued to nurture skills in the acquisition, interpretation and synthesis of scientific data to meet the combined challenges of resource scarcity and unsustainable livelihoods in remote coastal communities. My passion is to work within a team to increase human potential by empowering communities with knowledge that is contextualised for local use. I have worked in Myanmar, The Solomon Islands, and The Bahamas. The diverse scope of my work experience has enabled me to work in remote island communities that are at the front line of the humanitarian response to climate change, sea level rise and the degradation of natural resources. By listening to community needs, understanding indigenous identities, and gaining cultural knowledge through participatory dialogues, I hope to develop integrative strategies that change the demand and incentive structures to alter human behaviour. On a non-professional level, I love running, swimming, hiking, windsurfing and surfing. I absolutely adore remixing music and meeting new tunes & people to mix together for a unique experience 🙂 If I had to live by one motto… the motto would have to involve constant innovation, integration, and a steady beat to keep everyone listening.

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