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Stephanie Gongora


Office Assistant
Sarteneja, Belize

Born in the village of Sarteneja on June 27th 1992, Stephanie began her journey through life. Before joining Blue Ventures, she worked as an assistant teacher at Sarteneja Nazarene Preschool. Sarteneja is a village that is strongly dependent on the fishing industry, for that reason she strongly supports marine conservation and always wanted to join an organisation like Blue Ventures. She is very happy to be part of the Blue Ventures team as an Office Assistant.

Stephanie is about to complete her associates degree in business management and accounting from Muffles Junior College in Belize. Even though she is more experienced in office work, she would be glad to assist in Blue Ventures’ community outreach programmes too so that she can increase her knowledge of marine life and conservation. Stephanie loves trying new things and is always willing to learn more.

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