Timothy Klückow


National Aquaculture Programme Lead
Ambanja, Madagascar

A fifth generation Zimbabwean, Tim has always had a close affinity to wild places and has been actively involved in conservation fieldwork since his early teens.

After obtaining a degree in Environmental Studies in New Zealand, Tim returned to Southern Africa where he has spent the last 6 years between Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe developing sustainable aquaculture systems and technologies. These projects are working to relieve pressure on the natural environment by providing meaningful economic alternatives to the communities that live within them.

A passionate advocate for human ingenuity and an eternal optimist, Tim is most happy when finding ways to lessen our impact on natural environments through technical and sociological innovations. This love of innovation drew him to Blue Ventures, whose pioneering work in Madagascar he has been following for many years.

When not in the field or tinkering on his aquaponics system, Tim can be found climbing rocks, trees, buildings or anything taller than him.

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