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Undergraduate students are invited to join the Blue Ventures teams at our field bases in Andavadoaka, southwest Madagascar and Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve in northern Belize for six week placements. This is an opportunity to carry out research projects with support and guidance from experienced staff in remote marine environments whilst also being part of expedition life and enjoying the benefits of group travel, company and collaboration.

We strongly suggest that students choose a project that utilise our archived databases and is not solely dependent on new data collection due to the often shorter time constraints involved with undergraduate thesis projects.

Visiting undergraduate students can research a wide range of integrated conservation and marine biology topics at our field sites in Madagascar and Belize, while also utilising our historical database.

Beyond being a first-class conservation organisation, Blue Ventures is staffed and directed by true leaders in the marine sciences who have delivered a wealth of fundamental research on par with many academic institutions. Blue Ventures is therefore poised to offer an outstanding education experience to undergraduates and postgraduates alike, who can rise to the challenge of good science.
Dr Sam Purkis

Independent Research programme fees

We know that studying full time at university can be financially constraining, so we offer visiting undergraduates a competitive package in order to take part on our expeditions. All independent research placements must start in line with our standard expedition dates – see Madagascar expedition dates and Belize expedition dates for more details.

Six-week independent research package

  • £2,200 for food and accommodation and participation in the Belize marine conservation expedition
  • £2,100 for food and accommodation and participation in the Madagascar marine conservation expedition
  • Madagascar only – £185 for overland tour from Antananarivo to Toliara (optional)
  • Madagascar only – £160 for overland tour from Toliara to Antananarivo (optional)

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