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Join us on Atauro to find out more about our work and experience the incredible hospitality, culture and environment of the island first hand.

On this exclusive weekend adventure you’ll discover unspoiled paradise beaches and dive or snorkel in the turquoise waters of the world’s most biodiverse oceans. You’ll explore vibrant coral reefs as well as experience the incredible culture and the surrounding landscapes of this beautiful island.

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3 day Whale and Coral Dive and/or Snorkelling Trip

Location: Atauro Island

Ages: 17 and above
Group size: 10 maximum
Duration: 3 days

Dive Level: PADI Open Water (if diving)

Dates: 1 to 3 August 2019
            19 to 21 September 2019

Price: £175 ($225) for snorkellers
£225 ($295) for divers

Join us!

What our volunteers say
I absolutely loved my time in Atauro - the science, the diving, all of the additional activities, my homestay family, the food, etc.! It was definitely the right decision to come to this beautiful island! I strongly recommend this expedition to everyone who loves to dive and to learn a lot about the underwater world and to explore a stunning and unspoiled island.
Timor-Leste 2018
Timor-Leste was a wonderful experience. The site team are knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly enthusiastic. The local staff are a particular credit to themselves and BV. The work being done here feels significant and the locals are a crucial and impressive part of this. Dives were managed well with high levels of safety awareness and plenty of enthusiasm.
Timor-Leste 2018
I could not have asked for more. I got to explore my passion for the ocean with amazing people on a tropical island. Also the cultural experience was amazing!
Timor-Leste 2018


12pm arrive at lunch time on ferry from Dili at noon, meet your homestay host and check in

2pm Dive/snorkel #1

Diving/ snorkelling Activity. A casual fish and coral point out dive/snorkel with our team of field scientists. After the dive we’ll review all your sightings! 

5pm Check in with your homestay family and relax before the evening activities. 

6pm Welcome to Blue Ventures introductory big picture informal lecture. Group dinner at Antonio’s house cooked by the homestay association.

7pm Group dinner at a homestay house cooked by the homestay association. 

8am Dive/Snorkel #2 
Hit the water early for a point out dive while our regular  volunteers conduct surveys. If you’d like to take your skills to the next level you could complete a PADI
specialism dive for example in fish ID or Underwater Naturalist. 

12pm Traditional lunch in the coastal village of Bikeli followed by a traditional food cooking workshop.

5pm Back to Beloi to chill before evening activities

6pm A group lecture on the general overview of marine ecology  of Timor-Leste + either a Cetacean survey briefing ( plan A) or Coral Watch introduction (plan B) depending on weather conditions forecast for Saturday.

7pm  Group dinner at a homestay house cooked by the homestay association.

Depending on weather conditions we’ll either spend Saturday morning on the water or under it…

Plan A
– Cetacean Survey! We’ll be up and out early onto the boat to give you a unique perspective on Atauro. You’ll be joined onboard by our knowledgeable field scientists who will help you keep an eye open for whales and dolphins throughout, contributing to important data on the islands resident and migratory species!

Plan B
Coral watch briefing followed by 2 dives/snorkels exploring the health and incredible diversity of Atauro’s reefs. 

12pm Lunch at Barry’s in Beloi

1pm Debrief and data entry from the morning session

2.30pm Boat (Nakroma) back to Dili

* As you’d expect we reserve the right to change the itinerary based on local conditions at the time. Our team are experienced at getting the most out of your trip no matter what happens!


  • Marvel at the pristine reefs of Atauro island, a wonder of the coral triangle and home to more species of fish than anywhere else on earth all whilst contributing to this global citizen science project
  • Atauro is a whale and dolphin hotspot – see and survey some of these incredible creatures while travelling around Atauro by boat, including Spinner, Bottlenose, Striped, Risso’s, Fraser’s and Rough‐Toothed Dolphins; and Blue, Sperm, Cuviers, Melon Headed and Pilot Whales
  • Meet expert field staff and community members working to protect Timor-Leste’s spectacular waters, and enjoy exclusive conservation and wildlife talks
  • Visit and dive the island’s first Tara Bandu locally managed marine area
  • Relax in exquisitely beautiful surroundings and experience Timorese culture staying with the Atauro Homestay Association

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The cost for this 3 day adventure is £175 (~$225) for snorkellers and £225 (~$295) for divers.

No, this trip is open to snorkel participants too. If you do want to dive you need to be PADI Open Water qualified (or equivalent). Talk to us if you have any questions about this and we can discuss your options. 

We hope so! If you would like to join at a later date please let us know and we’ll keep you informed of potential dates. 

Yes! We’d love for others to come and experience Atauro! The capacity of the trip is limited to 10 people though, so do get in touch as soon as you can to discuss options for small groups.

Just complete your booking online here. This will give you access to our pre-departure portal with further information. 

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