Our conservation models are designed to demonstrate that effective management improves food security and makes economic sense

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A model for everyone working to conserve the natural life-support systems of our troubled planet.

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Blue Ventures does magnificent work, helping local communities and offering extraordinary volunteering opportunities that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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Blog: Challenging the norm: new student scholarship scheme in Belize

Students in the coastal village of Sarteneja are now being supported with their education and receiving additional training.

Blog: Sun, sea and… fisheries data analysis?

Supporting coastal communities in the Comoros with data literacy

New research: A human rights-based approach is vital for removing barriers to engagement in conservation

New research published in Global Environmental Change highlights the value of a holistic approach to community-based marine conservation.

Blog: Curiosity, discomfort, new understanding: an insider’s account of our latest health-environment research

How did it feel when we placed our integrated health-environment programmes under scrutiny?

Blog: Different contexts, shared approach

A learning exchange in West Kalimantan focused on the value of integrated approaches to conservation

Hakai Magazine: Chasing the Far, Far Away Fish

A photo story by Garth Cripps, focusing on the migration of Vezo fishers, has been featured in Hakai Magazine.

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