Our conservation models are designed to demonstrate that effective management improves food security and makes economic sense

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A model for everyone working to conserve the natural life-support systems of our troubled planet.

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Blue Ventures does magnificent work, helping local communities and offering extraordinary volunteering opportunities that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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DW: Fishing for success in Madagascar

Blue Ventures' community led approach to rebuilding fisheries is profiled in the article 'Fishing for success in Madagascar' in German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW.com).

New research: A vast mangrove forest where conservation stands a fighting chance

New publication has mapped, quantified loss, characterised ecological variability, and provided the first estimates of the carbon stocks in one of Africa’s largest and most pristine mangrove ecosystems.

The Telegraph: Fishing aid need not be all at sea

Our recent PLOS one paper has been featured in this Telegraph article exploring issues of development aid funding and the success of long term, locally led, fisheries management.

Forbes: Fisheries Management Generates Market-Beating Returns

Our Dr Garth Cripp's writes for Ashoka on Forbes.com on the findings of our recent PLOS ONE paper showing that marine management pays for local fishers in Southwest Madagascar.

Mongabay: Periodic closure of fishing grounds boosts octopuses and helps coastal communities

The findings of our PLOS ONE paper were highlighted with stunning photos in an article on Mongabay.

Local communities reap dividends from managing octopus fisheries

A landmark study from the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar highlights the compelling economic benefits of local fisheries management and their role in catalysing community engagement in broader marine management efforts.

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