Our conservation models are designed to demonstrate that effective management improves food security and makes economic sense

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A model for everyone working to conserve the natural life-support systems of our troubled planet.
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Blue Ventures does magnificent work, helping local communities and offering extraordinary volunteering opportunities that you'll remember for the rest of your life.
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Blog: Working across sectors for real change

Our holistic approach to marine conservation involves public health professionals, fisheries specialists, aquaculture technicians and community organisers.

Blog: New beginnings across the Mozambique Channel

Support partnerships with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Peace Parks Foundation are set to integrate community health services into coastal resource management efforts in two of Mozambique’s most critical marine ecosystems

Mozambique: new partnerships set to link health services with marine conservation initiatives

Blue Ventures is launching new support partnerships with the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Peace Parks Foundation in Mozambique.

Blog: Talking Tara Bandu - A bold new model for community conservation in Timor-Leste

Staff and volunteers travelled to witness the creation of a new Locally Managed Marine Area on Atauro Island - a marine milestone for locally led conservation in the Coral Triangle

Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs: Interview with Alasdair Harris, cofounder of Blue Ventures

Dr Al Harris joins the Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs podcast series to talk about the critical need for innovation in the marine conservation sector and more...

Blog: Elections bring new leaders and energy into the committee governing Madagascar’s first locally managed marine area

Women and youth now make up a resounding 85% of Velondriake’s management structure!

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