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Our conservation models are designed to demonstrate that effective management improves food security and makes economic sense

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A model for everyone working to conserve the natural life-support systems of our troubled planet.

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Blue Ventures does magnificent work, helping local communities and offering extraordinary volunteering opportunities that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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New research: Tackling the climate emergency through locally led mangrove conservation

Groundbreaking new research helps to shed light on the fate of the carbon stored in mangrove soils following deforestation, emphasising the importance of conservation in the face of the climate emergency. 

New research: First scientific evidence of overfishing in Madagascar’s small-scale fisheries

Our latest research provides the first robust scientific evidence that overfishing is taking place in small-scale fisheries in Madagascar, signalling a serious threat to ocean health and vulnerable coastal communities.

New homestay toolkit: A community based tourism model that works for people and the planet

First inspired by a set of exchange visits over 2017 and 2018 in Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Malaysia, Blue Ventures has co-created a homestay and community based tourism toolkit.

Blog: The community perspective: how COVID-19 is impacting the lives of coastal people in Kenya

As the tourism industry grinds to a halt, small-scale fisheries in Kenya are now under even more pressure. Agatha Ogada, Blue Ventures’ Partner Support Technician in Kenya, relays her telephone conversations with community members as they tell the real story of what is happening.

Mongabay: Evidence that fish flourish in a community-managed marine area offers hope

Our latest research, which shows that community-led marine conservation leads to more fish in the sea, has been featured by Mongabay.

Reef Resilience Network: Farmers of the Sea

A study recently published by the Reef Resilience Network outlines Blue Ventures' sea cucumber farming initiatives in southwest Madagascar, and discusses the successes and key lessons learned.

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